How to claim leadership in the world of complex air cargo?

VRR, air cargo container manufacturer since 1949, loves to challenge the status quo. To advance the air cargo industry and never accept anything less than excellent quality. To collaborate with their global partners and customers in making perfect-fit Unit Load Devices. Most of all, they love to be best in class. But how do you claim such a bold position in the market of air cargo containers?

Brand positioning and segmentation

Competitive research showed that VRR’s world-class reliability and cutting-edge design are unrivalled. Therefore, we advised to take a 100% product leadership strategy. Across their very diverse product portfolio – from delivery transport to horses, from race cars to mobile laboratories – it became apparent that their clients searched for very specific solutions. We segmented their portfolio into 6 product hero families reflecting their needs.

Hero family branding

We established the unique functional and emotional benefit of every container family and created a bold claim for every segment. We keep it cool, we keep it small, we keep it specialised, we keep them comfortable, we keep it fireproof, we keep it efficient and we keep it specialised. Following the product leadership strategy, we branded these product families while keeping the VRR brand itself as clean as possible.

Visual identity & website

With the support of De Ronners, we gave every product family a distinct icon and colour. We also changed the logo of VRR to a more contemporary version. Based on client insights, we developed the ultimate customer journey in 5 years time. We designed a website based on smart grids according to our findings from the journey.

“As part of our long term strategic plan we wanted to take a good look at our brand strategy and market position. Teaming up with The Young provided us the missing link; together we created a new style making us ready again for the years to come. We are very pleased with the end result!”

Geert van Riemsdijk
(Managing director VRR)