How to define the Senz design language for new product development?

Senz is a Dutch company that developed the best umbrella to enjoy the weather. In their efforts of portfolio expansion to enlarge their brand world, they asked the Young to align their innovation efforts along a distinct brand DNA.

Brand DNA

The Young researched the Senz Brand DNA by carefully analysing the current marketing and communications means, portfolio, target group and brand manifesto. From this study, we derived both visually and textually key building blocks of the brand DNA. We crafted a wall of images and words that represented all of Senz’s current assets.

Design Language

From the wall of possibilities, we worked together with the development team of Senz to come up with a specific design language. We needed to dig for the red threat between everything that they ace with their storm umbrella plus their portfolio roadmap for future growth. In a carefully constructed workshop setting, we selected six-word combinations that reflect current success as well as future potential. A visual collage articulated these words in the right design style direction.

Future Portfolio

The design language was used to develop Senz commuter bags, a totally new category for the portfolio. The new line reflected the brand DNA in a very different way from the successful storm umbrella while still easily be recognised as a ‘true Senz product’. Besides to product design, the design principles also apply to retail design and brand communication.

“It’s been very cool to work on this together and nice that we were able to realize it in such a short time. The language design that we have created together with The Young is being used very intensively.”

Gerwin Hoogendoorn
(Founder & Chief Innovation Officer Senz)