How to strengthen a tech-driven brand more emotionally?

The New Motion is the market leader in the Netherlands for home car lease electric driving. In recent years, The New Motion ensured accessibility and convenience for its users with the combination of pay and charging passes, an extensive network of charging points and digital services. The New Motion asked The Young to strengthen the strategic brand DNA into a more emotional approach while considering the mission and long-term vision.

Pressure Cooker Workshops

The New Motion’s work culture is very lean, so we decided to get into the agile-mode. We selected key participants of the New Motion organization to participate in pressure cooker workshops. They were asked to prepare for these workshops with tailor-made interactive ‘homework’ from our team. This allowed us to deep dive in the matter very quickly while aligning thoughts at the same time. The sessions were held in a fantastic space in Amsterdam. It was very hard work for the participants but they (said that) they all enjoyed such a head start and result driven day.

Emotional Power

From the sequence of workshops, we came closer and closer to the emotional connection lacking in the previous promise. Finally, we translated the knowledge of the workshop leads into a new, more emotional, brand manifesto ‘Charge Smart’. This manifesto contained the positioning, core values and personality of The New Motion pushing their brand relevance to a new level.

Customer Journeys

In the next phase, brand content for the most effective marketing and advertising per country was identified together with the marketing team. We started with a customer journey exploration for all stakeholders, for B2C and B2B. Next, communication messaging and briefing for deployment is realised for the countries Netherlands (domestic market leader), Germany, UK, Belgium and France.

The Young is a lean process facilitator offering the necessary steps to take our brand strategy to the next level

Luuk van Kuik (Head of Product Management & Marketing The New Motion)