How to create a brand foundation for next level sleeping?

Tired of sleepless nights? Somnox has got you covered. YES!Delft start-up Somnox has developed a Sleep Robot that helps you to relax your body by feeling and hearing a breathing sensation. They have improved sleep and energy during the day for thousands of users.

After a very successful Kickstarter campaign and CES presence with huge media coverage, Somnox needed to redefine its target group, purpose, positioning, personality. The Young helped Somnox to come up with a solid brand strategy.

Purpose, positioning, personality

The Young carefully put together homework for effective strategy sessions with Somnox’ core team. On-site at in the YES!Delft incubator, we shared our insights and co-created the purpose, positioning and personality accordingly. We also provided the structure for target profile selection. In a step by step approach of need-based insight, we tackled the challenge of B2C vs. B2B sales. We also came up with a new promise for outward communication: sleep well, live well.

Design principles

In a second project, we helped the designers of Somnox to translate the brand strategy to design principles. Design principles are used to guide communication as well as the service system around the robot. The Sleep Robot comes with an app that needs to feel, operate and communicate in exactly the same experience as other brand elements. With the right guidelines, the team can ensure all efforts are guided into the same direction and safeguard the brand experience at all touchpoints.

The Young helped our team fast and effectively toward a solid strategy – and they now all go to bed with a robot.

Julian Jagtenberg
(Founder of Somnox)