How to create international consistency in Secrid’s brand expansion?

Secrid, a Dutch pocket-wear brand, is growing rapidly. The international demand for their smart, fashionable wallets is increasing and market expansion is a daily business. To realise worldwide inspiration and consistency for their employees, retailers, agents and consumers, Secrid needed a strong brand basis with articulated drivers to guide every effort into the right direction.

Consumer research

The Young has collaborated with her network of experts to undertake a future-focused research study. Secrid’s company perspective was paired with the external perspective of the market to find the true Secrid brand connection. Connected consumer research by the use of social media and city interviews, extensive interviews with Secrid stakeholders and research of trends and competitors have provided insights for sustainable but adaptive future growth.

Brand Strategy

The Young worked with the Secrid team in interactive workshop sessions to share the research insights and develop the brand connection together. The sessions were supported by visual thinking to sketch our thoughts and ideas in real-time. We came up claiming the ‘pocketwear’ domain where fashion and technology come together. We used the big idea of ‘Pocket Change’ to explain how Secrid has an effect on the world and impacts their fans.

The Secrid Manifest

The result of this project comes together in the Brand Manifest for a pocket-size revolution. A little booklet in which the key drivers of the brand are articulated and visualized. It’s an internal booklet to describe the brand story and all its assets to people that work with Secrid. The core is the values to articulate a shared vision amongst employees, retailers and agents. Moreover, the Brand Manifest is the starting point for the consumer-facing brand identity and HR strategy.

Retail Strategy

We have continued to work together on a qualitative distribution strategy to enforce the brand globally through retail. A retail segmentation model provides guidance for global balance between brand builders, growth motors and category heroes amongst its thousands of shops. It helps to make global enforced plans for retail maintenance and new business as well as look at portfolio development from a retail perspective. Secrid’s unique way of working together with their retailers ‘using the force from within’ makes them a family that is tight as thieves.

Distributor events

Since the development of the brand and retail strategy, The Young has been proud to work in close collaboration with the Secrid team in order to take the brand to the next level. Together, we’ve created trust, inspiration and action at Secrid worldwide distributors events. Every year the 2-day program delights both participants and contributors. It’s all in the details: from the right coffee at the right time, to inspiring presentations from keynote speakers, interactive workshops and immersive dinners.

“The Young is part of our Secrid family and we’ve embraced The Young’s support since day one. The Young offers the right process, knowledge and attitude to develop our brand together with our young team.”

Marianne van Sasse van IJsselt & Rene van Geer (Founders and Directors Secrid)