How to develop new propositions for harbour innovation?

Port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe. Now, Rotterdam also pushes for the smartest port in the world. Rotterdam embraces and accelerates innovations that make the entire chain more reliable, smarter and cleaner in order to remain the best choice for all parties in the future supply chain. Choosing Rotterdam is choosing for limitless possibilities. Make it happen.

Future Propositions

With limited possibilities, it is important to focus and bring structure to future efforts. Firstly, The Young created a target group segmentation for a focused offering. Based on this target group segmentation the challenge was to select and connect the Port’s innovation efforts. Location and experience in key, so we worked with Port’s Marketing and Innovation team in a beautiful setting on the top floor of the Port building in Rotterdam. We defined clear propositions for harbour innovation and placed them in order of importance for future relevance. The Young provided inspiring storytelling to connect all propositions into one future vision.

Digital Harbour Infrastructure

To focus their efforts within digital harbour infrastructure, Port of Rotterdam launched Portbase together with the Port of Amsterdam. Portbase’s Port Community System has been transforming operational excellence in the Dutch ports. Port logistics is one of the most complex logistic processes in the world. Because of a large number of companies, people and actions involved, communication, governance and collaboration based on real-time data is essential.

Unlocking data potential

We help Portbase to set up their co-creation platform that makes effective use of the data lakes in their Port Community System. New services by third parties, partners and Portbase are being launched to unlock the data potential of their existing system. The ultimate goal is to act as an information hub in the global trade network. To attract global players to the Port of Rotterdam and anticipate with foresight to world changes like Brexit.

Port innovation Lab

By making use of The Young’s long relationship with tech incubator YES!Delft, we set up and branded the Port Innovation Lab. A future lab for harbour innovation that connects tech start-ups from the incubator to the challenges the harbour faces. Think of gloves made for sword fighting that magically seem extremely useful for container handling. Start-ups become part of the ecosystem and are being supported by Port of Rotterdam to accelerate their innovations with a launching customer.

The Young makes it happen.

(Port of Rotterdam)