How to position Parkbee with a sound strategy and activation for all stakeholders?

ParkBee, a Smart Mobility scale-up from Amsterdam, has partnered with The Young for many years. From the very first start, The Young has helped ParkBee to create an evolving, strong future positioning that expresses the impact they have.
Our streets are getting busier. Mobility issues arise and finding a place to park can be tough. Yet, there are many underused car parks at offices, residential buildings, hotels and public garages. But not for long. ParkBee opens-up these car parks, creating easy and affordable parking in the city, and maximising the use of space. All to Keep Your City Moving.

Brand Positioning

The Young shapes and facilitates the implementation of ParkBee’s vision ‘to keep your city moving’ by organizing strategy sessions with their team. We combine the functional and emotional needs of their various stakeholders. From city councils to residents, to garage owners, everybody can benefit from ParkBee. However, it’s important to make very specific how this benefit can be expressed and communicated to the stakeholders because their needs and wants are so different. By use of a co-creation approach with the right homework and smart templates for an effective session program, we leap forward every time we meet.

Brand Movie

The brand vision, positioning and personality are combined into a brand manifest to articulate the key drivers for ParkBee across all stakeholders. Core values guide the organizational behaviour to stay lean and think big. On the one hand, ParkBee needed this umbrella for future growth, on the other hand, ParkBee needed to develop different propositions for its stakeholders. The Young created the storyline for the brand movie targeted at specific B2B segments and guided the accompanying website to spread the word.

With their broad marketing view, the right energy and additional incentives The Young brings out the best in a team. They guarantee converting good ideas into practice-oriented strategy and a to-the-point-approach so everything falls into place.”

Wouter de Bruijne
(Commercial Director ParkBee)