How to create a growth strategy for a fashion niche brand?

It seems so simple, but oh so hard to find: the perfect basics. The founders of No Label have set a goal for themselves: making the best basics in the world for an affordable price. This by eliminating the ‘middlemen’ and reducing additional label costs. Within 3 years, the brand grew into a total collection of shirts, jackets, chinos, knitwear and sneakers. Everything exudes the same understated luxury of the new formal – exactly the style that suits many men.

Consumer research

No Label is successful among its early adopters, who even come to Amsterdam from Antwerp or the east of the Netherlands. Now, we need to target the critical mass for future growth. Firstly, The Young carried out internal research to align the future vision of the founders and investors. Secondly, online research amongst current and future customers provided a challenging perspective on the internal vision. We used the extensive database of No Label’s newsletter subscribers and returning customers and made it worth their while: a perfect fit shirt for free for every participant.

Brand positioning

From the large dataset, we could develop three very clear personas as target consumer for the future growth strategy. The internal vision and consumer research were mixed with a competitive study to find a distinctive market position. The latest retail trends made sure to be future-ready for the next years. We developed visual scenarios for positioning and matching growth strategies as guidance for deep discussions. The new positioning ‘perfectly basic’ was the clear winner of the bunch.

Customer journey

With the new positioning of ‘perfectly basic’, the critical mass is being targeted for future growth. In its deliberate pursuit of the pure and the ordinary No Label achieves the extraordinary. It also provides the right guidance for strategy implementation. A perfectly basic hero collection of high-quality pieces at sensible prices, an independent distribution straight from the source and a customer journey of simplified shopping as simple and relaxed as shopping should be.

Design language

‘Perfectly basic’ also provided the right tools for a clear design language and tone of voice. The Young developed a campaign idea that expressed the new positioning to No Label’s fans: Boring basics. No fuzz, no pretensions. It’s time to put everything else front and centre: the lifestyle, great hairdo’s, that other great sweater, the people. Boring is affordable, which means the budget will leave enough room to purchase that one beautiful design jacket.

Growth hacking

No Label is currently continuously optimising its brand experiences via different channels – like website, stores and social media – to fully take advantage of the new claim. Continuous reviews push the company and its offerings forward.

“The Young has shown the ability to capture what we love to do and why our fans love us in just two words.”

Michael van den Broek (co-owner No Label)