How to set up a new label for beers and spirits?

We launched NIPKE, a Rotterdam-based laboratory for brews and spirits. Based on our work for breweries and spirit brands we decided to do a little experimenting of our own together with studio De Ronners. Why wait for a brief if your mind is blowing with new taste combinations and your friends are thirsty?

Future Taste Lab

NIPKE is a collective of the Young and studio de Ronners combined with extraordinary craft brewers and distillers. We aim to find novel balanced flavour combinations, or pairings, between beer and spirits that stir up the scene and beyond. NIPKE is about experimenting together, daring to be creative with flavours, with a Rotterdam edge. For the sake of unlimited creativity, our experiments are bottled as limited editions.

Tasting events

When our experiments are successful we bottle them in vintage perfume bottles and organise NIPKE tasting events to serve them to the curious and the thirsty. At locations that do not shy the design scene, you can nip our brews and spirits next to each other, like a modern Kopstoot. We also complement our experiments with food pairing by chefs and food designers. Everything is carefully balanced and matched for an explosive flavour experience.

Nipke Limited Editions

We launched the following editions so far:

#1 Herr Heino B.A. Jenever: Herr Heino is a special genever distilled with Alambik from fruity Weizen beer and matured together with juniper berry for 6 months on a red wine barrel.

# 2 Oh Manta Weizen beer: Oh Manta is a soft Weizenbier brewed together with Manta collector and brewery Mommeriete with a spicy hint of juniper.

# 3 Dibbus Jenever: smooth jenever distilled with Alambik from deep triple beer. We were surprised you still get the hits of triple hop and herbs in the jenever.

# 4 Award-winning Smokey Porter is our best launch so far. Selected by connoisseurs as the beer to drink in 2019 and with a medal at the Dutch Beer Challenge.

Swampy Woods is a creamy Smokey Porter, with roasted vanilla and caramel tones complemented by hints of chocolate. Named after the marshy soil of Gramsbergen, where the taste is perfectly balanced. Full of flavour and yet low in alcohol percentage (5.7%) makes this special beer ideal for a winter day.