How to strategically brand and communicate a dynamic workspace service?

Mapiq, a scale-up software development company, has developed an eye-catching user-centred application for smart buildings. Mapiq shows everything you want to know about your workplace in an intelligent 3D map. You can find your way, find colleagues, book rooms, set up integral meetings… in short: work smarter and use the office more effectively. Facility managers have access to analytics to make smart decisions on efficiency improvement and cost reduction. A great service, but with its many features and intangible traits a tough cookie to ‘brand’ and ‘explain’.

Service branding workshops

The kick-start to solve this challenge consisted of several pressure cooker sessions with the Mapiq team. The Young provided the process and tools to crack the Brand Strategy together in an agile way. Our special toolkit to find emotional and functional needs as leading insight for your brand connection triggered the team to stretch beyond the obvious.

B2B and user research

We combined the internal brand vision of the company with the external vision of Mapiq’s clients and users to find inspiring opportunities and friction. Client interviews gave us great insight into the impact of Mapiq’s service. The insights needed to be merged with the user needs when using the application to find the ultimate B2B2C proposition. Ultimately, we found the perfect foundation for the Mapiq Brand Strategy and communication hierarchy, crowned with the slogan ‘Unleash your office’.

Lead generation campaign

A second project was initiated to explain the strategy in a tangible way and communicate the service externally as empowering as possible. The Young created a movie and an accompanying website that explains Mapiq in the ‘real’ office world. The Young translated the Brand Strategy to scenarios and scene development, model selection and styling, website hierarchy and user experience. With professional filmmaker Eelke Dekker on board and the brilliant support of design guru Pauline Lensvelt from Canoof, we created a catchy, clear translation of ‘Unleash your office’ in the design showroom of Lensvelt.

Growth strategy

Mapiq has grown rapidly from start-up to serious international scale-up. To guide their fierce ambition, The Young developed future growth strategy workshops at awesome locations to align the Mapiq board members and leads. We joint visions in the new purpose ‘everybody should have a great day at work’. Together with the new (very) Big Hairy Audacious Goal we redefined the core values and positioning. This outline informed the competitive strategy of product leadership, market strategy and product strategy. Target setting got a new face with our scoreboard rapid prototyping tool. Those were the days…

“Together with The Young we developed a clear and focused positioning. The movie and website have proven to be a strong lead generator for new business as well as convincing and entertaining explanation of the service to end consumers.”

Sander Schutte
(Director & founder Mapiq)