How to align all stakeholders towards one shared future vision for Maallust?

Maallust, a delicious craft beer brand, is rooted in Veenhuizen. Maallust brewery was founded in 2011. It is the initiative of 25 entrepreneurs who call themselves the ‘Zware Jongens’: the heavy hitters, the big dogs. This refers to Veenhuizen originally being a prison village with a unique self-supporting social program. The entrepreneurs not only took the initiative to brew beer in Veenhuizen but also to breathe new life into the dilapidated Maallust complex. After a thorough renovation, the brewery opened its doors.

Future Vision

Today, the Maallust complex is beautifully located and the beer is available throughout the Netherlands. Maallust is the perfect addition to a village with a unique history. To guide future efforts in becoming a manifested brand, all stakeholders needed to be aligned in one future vision. Twenty-five entrepreneurs were interviewed with a few key questions and The Young dug for clarity and consistency. We wrote one compelling storyline ‘the 10 brand rules’ that combined their feedback.

Brand Manifest

When taken along on the story, presented in the old Maallust mill, the twenty-five stakeholders embraced the story as their own. The strategic storytelling explains their unique beer in the spirit of the extraordinary history of its origins “Veenhuizen”. Diligently brewed so you can taste the history and made with the finest, locally sourced ingredients.
The basis for all brand efforts was translated and carefully designed in a brand manifest by studio De Ronners; stakeholders as well as graphic designers.

Brand Design

The brand manifest provided the right guidance for future beer development, sales and marketing efforts for carefully selected distribution and design principles. For the right look and feel of every touchpoint part of the brand experience.