How to create a distinctive edge for a vegan bags brand?

In the fashion industry, LUXTRA leads by example, offering conscious, accessible luxury goods made from the latest cutting-edge eco-materials. LUXTRA has made quite a stand with its cruelty-free bags since its launch in 2018. In order to increase brand awareness and sales, LUXTRA needs to define its brand values, identify its target groups and ensure that consistent positioning is carried out across all communications.

Immersive strategy sessions

The Young started the project with one-on-one strategy sessions with LUXTRA’s founder Jessica Kruger, in parallel to market and consumer research. With LUXTRA, Jessica wants to lead positive change for the welfare of workers, animals, and the planet. Based on the brand purpose and mission we selected 3 consumer profiles for future positioning. Two profiles to ensure short term sales and ambassadorship, one profile aimed at future growth.

Brand positioning

We connected the values and positioning of Luxtra into one overall claim: to ‘rethink luxury’. Rethinking luxury means people get a chance to do good. It allows them to live life to the fullest while making a positive impact: a conscious luxurious lifestyle. ‘Rethink luxury’ also connects LUXTRA’s commitment to changing the fashion industry with its curiosity and innovative ethos. By rethinking working conditions, plastic waste and animal welfare.

Brand personality

Next, we came up with a brand personality of the sophisticated rebel to infuse all future communication. We designed an accompanying tone of voice and identity. Also, a strategic roadmap is developed to implement all sustainability efforts that enforce the claim. Finally, we created a brand book that works as a compass for Jessica to guide future brand growth.

The Young personally helped me to define my brand. They truly got under my skin to understand me and developed the brand accordingly.

Jessica Kruger
(founder of LUXTRA)