How do you build a brand within the e-mobility sector?

Last Mile Solutions is one of the leading players in the business of energy transactions. We created a positioning and visual identity for Last Mile Solutions that underlines their top 3 position in this industry.

Independent brand positioning

The brand is built on the adaptive and independent character of the company. Research shows these values are strong differentiators in the business. Last Mile solutions wants to grow together with their clients. Not by lock-in – but by personal support. Doing things smart. They offer the most complete independent service portfolio to run intelligent energy business with autonomous distribution, quantifying and billing. We developed a brand purpose and core values to guide the internal organisation and growth values to focus communication in the business.

Gutsy personality

Last Mile Solutions shares a common desire to effectively facilitate the transition of cities to a local ecosystem of renewable energy. It takes guts and a creative approach to operate through such a complex systems of branched networks – and to determine the technology standard for intelligent energy transactions. We developed a brand personality accordingly. One that is also a clear representation of the founders: brave, inventive and above all anti-nonsense.

Solution-based targeted propositions

To clearly convey the complicated portfolio, we have made 6 clear product-market combinations in the form of concrete solutions. Our promise shows how Last Mile solutions adapts to each customer segment while being a product leader with expertise. It follows the format ‘ Your … , our expertise.’: a dynamic tagline that shows a different promise for every target that links to the relevant expertise for that segment.

Visual identity

The Circle defines the basic visual language of our brand. It is used as a graphic element, as well as a container for images. Our new logo is It is a bold evolution of our previous logo. The two half circles symbolise ‘joining the dots’, managing the remote branches of the intelligent energy network. Our colour palette enables variety within our visual identity, while at the same time contributing to a recognisable whole. Blue, white and black show our relation with technology while sand and coral bring warmth to our brand, emphasising our journey towards a sustainable future.

Our icons system helps to easier understand abstract terms, while also improving communication hierarchy by drawing attention to specific content. The icons are simple, to the point and versatile: they are multi-purpose and can be used in a variety of different situations. We created and produced photography for the 6 solutions as the primary brand images. The images show a top-down shot of a customers’ context that Last Mile Solutions operates in. Referencing the logo, the circle in the middle zooms in on a specific and relevant situation. This highlights both our scalability and personal approach. We also shot the team, the office and developed an image database for communication support.

Branded assets

We have implemented this design in a brand new, solution-focused website. We’ve developed an all-round brand kit containing: corporate communication like company presentations, online media like newsletters and stand design for international fairs.

“The Young gave Last Mile Solutions the face that we were already were behind the scenes. With this coming out, we are THE expert surprise for customers and competitors.”

Eric van Voorden
(Director and founder Last Mile Solutions)