How to showcase and launch the e-bike of the future?

Gazelle, a bicycle manufacturer since 1892, has taken on the challenge of showcasing the ‘E-bike of the future’. The Young worked together with Gazelle innovation and designers from Giugiaro Studio to embrace trends in the E-industry, fashion and design and infuse them with the no-nonsense Gazelle DNA. The result is a real-life concept E-bike ‘The Gazelle N°1’that can actually be produced and ridden with ease.

Product Vision

The project started with stakeholder management meetings, set up and facilitated by The Young. As Gazelle is part of the Holding PON, thoughts from both companies needed to be aligned for a shared starting point. The Young designed fun and brain cracking preparation assignments and a process for co-creation. To guide the Gazelle management team and their holding to one clear product vision.

Consumer Research

With this strong foundation, The Young could launch a European consumer research study to collect insights from lead users across UK, Germany, Denmark, Italy, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. High profile lead users were selected from The Young’s network and asked to share their thoughts and photos via WhatsApp over the course of several days in order to truly connect to their daily lives. After this preparation, the participants were invited for an in-depth Skype interview to find the deeper meaning behind their answers and discuss the Gazelle No1 more thoroughly.

Customer Journey

We worked together with experts from inside and outside the company, like Tom Acland of Cobi and Arjan van der Vleuten, to stretch and challenge the potential of the customer journey. The N°1, a truly connected e-bike, allowed maximum use of cycling software for early user lock-in and hyper personalised content. Experience touchpoints like mobile test ride services and repair vans guaranteed easy access to the e-bike of the future.

Go-To-Market Plan

The E-bike of the Future was launched as a limited edition in key markets at selected dealers. Different business models were tested to find the best fit with high-profile future users. Offline trying and online buying, leasing made easy and high-level service contracts with dealers amongst others.

The Young’s Go-to-market strategy plan is a total package of integrated stakeholder vision, sound consumer research and a future-proof customer journey. Even the Dutch king approves.

Arjan van der Vleuten
(Innovation lead Gazelle)