How to develop future-proof formats for the multi-channel landscape of the BMW I-3?

Based on challenges benchmarks outside of the automotive industry (like Nespresso and Louis Vuitton), BMW decided to focus on future retail as an overall transformative program for both the BMW and MINI car brands. The Young co-developed the future retail strategy and DNA.

Integrated Multi-channel retail strategy

Integrated multi-channel retail delivers customers a convenient and personalised premium retail experience. Suiting the customer’s individual preferences, it seamlessly works across integrated touchpoints. By elevating the retail experience to premium benchmark level, integrated multi-channel retail secures access to existing and new target groups. It realises increased control of the customer interface and improves the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing and sales activities.

Future retail formats

The project started with the development of the multi-channel retail landscape. An integrated interplay of existing and new future retail formats, which is the prerequisite to creating a seamless customer experience. Within this landscape, The Young developed different formats within the multi-channel retail landscape. Think of City boutiques that function as downtown dealers with only one car, to experience with VR, for a quick but hyper-effective interactive experience with its potential buyer.

Future retail formats

Each format needed to be developed for the target personas. With an optimised customer journey, design guidelines and instructive handbook that helped BMW and MINI representatives to navigate customers through the journey. To bring all formats together, The Young also wrote retail DNA stories to explain in a simple but effective way how the retail journey of Mini and BMW were being developed.

Retail customer journey

Last but not least, we designed a board game to connect all elements of Future Retail and become successful in integrated multi-channel retail. With this game, MINI and BMW representatives learned to quickly access whom they are talking to, the customer’s needs and preferences and the customer’s level of relationship to the brand. We also helped them to decide which experience would take the customer to the next level.