How to win the hearts and heads of the building and logistics sector?

BEEQUIP, a Fintech scale-up that specialises in heavy equipment leasing, believes that SMEs are the engine of the Dutch economy. To help them grow and flourish, BEEQUIP goes beyond company figures, cash flows and contracts. They assess the value of the equipment before anything else. They were looking for a way to capitalise on their unique position in a crowded financial market – and this is where we could make a difference.

User Research

First we needed to understand who their customers – and potential customers – were and what made them tick. We set up a qualitative research for two of their largest equipment segments: Logistics and construction. We interviewed end users, SME and family business owners, decision makers in larger enterprises, dealers and traders of Heavy Equipment. We found out that while their backgrounds, roles and reasons for leasing might be different, what drives and connects them is very similar: a love for their equipment and pride in their work. One thing in particular became very clear: they want to recognise and identify with something. It gives them the feeling that they are being seen and heard.

Emotional Strategy

We learned that if we wanted to really connect with our (potential) clients, we needed to talk about heavy equipment in order to prove our added value: that we put ‘iron’ above the numbers. We needed to show them that we understood their habits, customs, barriers, peculiarities and needs really well. We brought this to life in a new payoff: BEEQUIP begrijpt wat je beweegt (BEEQUIP understands what moves you). And in order to prove this new emotional territory, we used another learning from our research, something that almost every person from our research could relate to and is still unprecedentedly popular with this audience: songs of life (het levenslied).

A Musical Campaign

A ‘Levenslied’ is a Dutch song in which ‘ordinary human things’ are sung to catchy melodies and rhythms. Similar to the German Schlager, French Chanson or even Blues, recognisable emotions usually play an important role. This makes these songs appealing, accessible and understandable for everyone, from Truck-drivers to CEOs. And a wonderful vehicle for a B-to-B campaign to ’emotionally engage’ with people who care deeply about their jobs and their equipment. And as our audience listens to the radio all day long – in the truck, on the construction site, in the car and in the office – what better way to reach them with a musical campaign?

We wrote 2 songs that focused on getting across the right message to the right audience: a tearjerker for the logistics sector about the highs and lows of life on the road – and a more upbeat and festive song that celebrates life in construction and infrastructure. We teamed up with Adrian Hoes from the legendary Johnny Hoes Studios in Weert – responsible for thousands of Dutch, Belgium and German folklore hits – and with Edwin van Hoevelaak, the musical godfather of the ‘new school’ of Dutch artists. We recorded these songs with two well-known artists within the genre: ex-trucker Henk Wijngaard embodied ‘Tranen op het stuur’ and John de Bever brought ‘Graven naar Goud’ to greater heights.

The full version songs were released and aired on radio stations nationwide and available for streaming and download. Radio spots with altered texts were also aired on radio stations and specifically targeted in time slots and regions.

A specific approach

The print campaign showed proud equipment owners singing in front of their trucks, shovels or dump-trucks and were captioned by headlines that were made famous by other ‘Levensliederen’. This resulted in recognition and builded a strong connection with the concept and our own songs. Specific targeting in magazines for the construction, infrastructure and logistics sector, as well as newspaper sections about these segments, resulted in a waste-less campaign and immediately generated a large uptick in leads and lease contracts.

To launch the Logistics campaign, we organised a surprise kickoff in an authentic Truckerscafé in Amersfoort, where Henk Wijngaard surprised truckers from all over The Netherlands with an acoustic performance of his new single: Tranen op het stuur which was picked up by media nationwide.

“The Young is the perfect fit with our agile Fintech start-up. They gave us a bold and original platform for communication, effectively targeted at our growth segments. Together we pushed the boundaries creatively and time-wise. We managed to go live within 2 months and leads started calling straight after.”

Peter Loef
(Co-founder and CEO BEEQUIP)