We are strategists with a design background and creatives with a commercial edge. Our brand stories work two ways: they help you to make the right decisions and make people choose you. From choosing future marketing and innovation efforts to being the best employer. From customers preferring your offering to investors’ eagerness to back you.


A specifically designed process, tailor-made for each client, combines high stakeholder involvement in workshop sessions and effective visualisations. This results in highly relevant creative business solutions that resonate with board members, marketers, innovators and designers. During the process, The Young aims to foster a learning experience for the organisation. To facilitate innovation in the long term. We join forces to enable change by creative brand strategy, together.


Our curiosity for people leads to deep insights that reveal your brand connection for future growth. Qualitative research methods like our future-proof WhatsApp diary studies allow for an in-depth connection to the daily lives of consumers and clients and a challenging perspective on the company’s vision.


We merge consumer insight with technological foresight. We do not only anticipate on the now, but we are also experts in deducing trends and movements and translate what they could actually mean for your company. The outside perspective is mixed with the inside perspective to distil the insights at the intersection. The competitive landscape and key capabilities of the company provide a lens to find the distinguishing fit.


Over the years we have discovered that applying our immersive research to business is one of the most effective ways to reduce complexity. We capture the outcome of our research in a visually clear and strongly argued foundation for the brand strategy. Our method of choice is future scenarios with a purpose, positioning and personality that articulate brand relevance in the long term.


We envision the strategy in a brand manifest and a movie. We design customer journeys for products and services, develop fruitful partnership platforms, multi-channel retail strategies and go-to-market plans. Providing a clear advantage for any future-facing brand.


The Young visually translates the strategy into compelling brand designs. We design each brand identity and experience with distinct personality traits rooted in a unique positioning. Whether visual or verbal, our work communicates high emotional intelligence and has helped define the aesthetic of many brands.


We build technology agnostic solutions that bring brands closer to their consumers. We craft best in class experiences and technological solutions that become the ‘concept car’ for your category. We find out who to partner with to boost your repositioning and co-create products aligned with the partnership strategy.

“If failure is not an option, then neither is success.”

— Seth Godin