Case Windchallenge

How to design a strategy for a lifestyle brand in a highly functional market?

Windchallenge, global expert in wind energy, has developed a unique storm-proof but small wind turbine called The Windleaf. Windchallenge will storm the Nordic countries in the upcoming years to spread their magic patented wind turbines as a lifestyle statement.

The Young developed the brand strategy and marketing plan for the Windchallenge website and accompanying marketing & communication materials aimed at claiming the Windchallenge philosophy and expertise across B2B and B2C markets.

Photography Studio Beng Beng

The foundation

The Young worked with the Windchallenge team to acquire a unique position in these markets by branding their company and product as a lifestyle and design statement. By claiming ‘energize your independence’ and ‘best product’ innovation, Windchallenge combines an emotional as well as functional basis for their strategy compared to competitors that showcase a purely price fighting functional product. In additional work sessions with the Windchallenge team, The Young filtered thoughts and insights into a clear and carefully built-up storytelling hierarchy to support this positioning.

The result

Together with the Windchallenge team and Studio Beng Beng, a collective of creatives, The Young has translated the strategy and marketing plan into a beautiful website with online tools for spreading the word in the Nordic countries. An image that lives up to the brilliance of the Windchallenge innovation The Windleaf.

“Working together with the Young is an empowering experience.”

– Eline Mertens & Sander Mertens (Founders & Directors Windchallenge)


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