Case SafetyNed

How to position an expert initiative for online safety with many stakeholders
while securing optimal reach for online violence victims?

Domestic violence aid agencies help clients to guarantee their safety. In our digital age, much of daily life is online. As a result, the online aspect of this security has become very important. Professionals and clients are very active online. In practice, there is insufficient knowledge or even ignorance among professionals and clients of safe online behaviour to be aware of the risks and opportunities to increase their safety. SafetyNed has made it their mission to change this.

The approach

SafetyNed is an initiative of De Combine: a partnership of four expert organisations in the field of safety in relation to domestic violence, namely Blijf Groep, Moviera, Arosa and PerspeKtief. Other stakeholders include the NNEDV (National Network to End Domestic Violence), the police, the judiciary and legislators, knowledge institutes and tech companies. From the large amount of data, The Young deduced a single storyline that connects all interests.

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The result

The Young developed a positioning strategy for SafetyNed as the ‘Veilig online’ practical expert for domestic violence organizations, professionals and their clients. The positioning of ‘Veilig online’ helps connecting all stakeholders in a single promise. All stakeholders believe in safe online behaviour for professionals and clients. As with the physical safety of clients, they do not focus on isolation, but on safe participation in order to prevent further isolation and to advance economic independence of victims.

The positioning and design principles of The Young have been fully embraced by the SafetyNed organisation as well as the board members of De Combine. The design principles have led to an online savvy brand identity, developed together with Re-organise, that reflects the future ambition of SafetyNed.

“I’m very happy with the smooth and energizing process and result of The Young’s positioning. It paved the way to realize our ambition together with all stakeholders.”

– Paula van den Boom (Projectmanager SafetyNed)

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