Case Platform31

How to sharpen the company vision based on “the power of connecting”?

Platform31 is a knowledge and network organization for city development; a Dutch organization with a European focus. Platform31 approached The Young to sharpen their mission and vision based on “the power of connecting”. In order to find the right brand connection between internal and external perspective of the company, The Young carried out a connected research. Based on preparation assignments and elaborate interviews with Platform31 employees as well as their network of partners (local and national government, professors and real estate professionals) The Young connected their perspectives of Platform31 to find a clear mission, vision and proposition. In interactive workshop sessions at their cool location above Den Hague Central Station, the Platform31 core team discussed and refined the results guided by The Young as starting point for a broader discussion with all employees.

Photography header: Bob van der Vlist; photography building Platform31: Aad Hoogendoorn


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