Case No Label

How to create a growth strategy for a fashion niche brand?

It seems so simple, but oh so hard to find: the perfect basics. The founders of No Label have set a goal for themselves: making the best basics in the world for an affordable price. This by eliminating the ‘middlemen’ and reducing additional label costs. Within 3 years, the brand grew into a total collection of shirts, jackets, chinos, knitwear and sneakers. Everything exudes the same understated luxury of the new formal – exactly the style that suits many men.

The challenge

No Label needed guidance in order to expand their brand. Firstly, The Young carried out an internal research to align the future vision of the founders and investors. Secondly, an online external research among current and future customers and a competitive research provided the foundation for a clear positioning. Infused with the latest retail trends, a brand-new growth strategy for No Label was found.

The result

No Label is now successful among its early adopters, who even come to Amsterdam from Antwerp or the east of the Netherlands. With the new positioning of ‘perfectly basic’, the critical mass is being targeted for future growth. No Label is currently optimizing its brand experiences via different channels, including the customer journey of the website to fully take advantage of the new claim.

“The Young has shown the ability to capture what we love to do and why our fans love us in just two words.”

– Michael van den Broek (co-owner No Label)

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