The Young’s mindset

The Young’s specialty is finding answers to a broad range of strategic ‘how to’ questions which challenge companies every day. How to define our Brand DNA? How to connect to customers in a meaningful way? How to expand our business while staying true to our core? How to expand our portfolio with new propositions in line with our brand strategy?

The Young’s vision on brand strategy is to formulate answers to these questions with tailored strategies, connected concepts and custom creative teams.


Tailored strategies

A specifically designed process and qualitative research methods tailor-made for each client, combined with high stakeholder involvement in workshop sessions, result in highly relevant creative business solutions. During the process, The Young aims to foster a learning experience for the organization in order to facilitate innovation in the long term.


Connected concepts

Communication and documentation means like WhatsApp, Skype, etc., allow for an in-depth connection to the daily lives of consumers and clients and a rich external perspective on the company’s challenge. Combined with design- thinking expertise, business acumen and creativity, the insights result in unique creative concepts that resonate with board members, designers and marketers.


Custom creatives

The Young works with custom-made creative teams from a large network of creatives to come up with the freshest and most relevant perspective on every new challenge. From graphic designers to copywriters to photographers to web developers and serious gamers, we join forces to enable change by creative brand strategy.


The Young’s process from a bird’s eye view

Brand discovery

The Young uses in-depth brand readings & discussions, trend forecasting, intensive user research, and inspiring market analyses to form a holistic understanding of any brand strategy challenge. Output of this phase is a strongly argued foundation for the brand strategy, for instance shaped like a brand manifest.

Brand design

From the foundation, the Young develops future product portfolios and meaningful brand experiences with a unique narrative. Possible outputs from these types of projects are optimized customer journeys for product and service design, fruitful partnership platforms, multi-channel retail strategy and go-to-market plans.

Brand implementation

The Young visually translates the strategic & tactical plans into easy to understand, inspiring ‘innovation paths’. These can take any form imaginable and enable the Young’s clients to share their strategic vision simply and effectively throughout their organization and beyond it, providing a clear advantage for any future-facing brand. Possible outcomes of these types of projects range from brand DNA storytelling handbooks to interactive workshops, multi-location ‘road-shows’ to board games.


Femke de Jonge:
entrepreneur, teacher and coach.

Femke de Jonge, founder of The Young, is an entrepreneur, teacher and coach. Alongside commercial projects, Femke teaches brand strategy and innovation management at TU Delft, HongKong Polytechnic University, and Jiao Tong University. Additionally, Femke is a dedicated brand strategy coach at high tech and healthcare start-up incubators YES!Delft, UtrechtInc and Shell Livewire.

”I thrive on versatile, challenging strategy problems. I take great joy from exploring new ways of working and thinking and I am always on a hunt for the great and unknown. I’ve been told I am a great listener, enabler of clarity and focus in complex challenges, activating energizer and flexible connector. I love to travel, run and paint. In a parallel life I’m a storytelling journalist at the neighborhood newspaper and a wine connoisseur.“

– Femke de Jonge

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

— Benjamin Franklin